Agricultural Fencing

When it comes to agricultural fencing, durability and reliability are crucial for ensuring the safety and security of your livestock. That’s why we offer the best in sheep fencing and other types of agricultural fencing made from our high-quality DURA²® wood.

Whether you’re looking to create a new pasture or update an existing one, our agricultural fencing is the perfect choice for farmers and livestock owners who want the very best in quality and durability.

What is DURA²®?

DURA²® is a unique patented process with multiple impregnations and several dryings. Through an enhanced patented treatment process, with multiple impregnations and multiple controlled dryings, we can offer maximum protection from wood decay and insect attack. Our wood is perfect for a variety of uses, including agricultural fencing. We pride ourselves on the quality of our timber, which has been tested and adopted by users in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and now, Ireland. Our wood is safe to handle, making it an ideal choice for agricultural fencing.

DURA²® timber is available in different kinds and forms. We distinguish between machined round posts and strainers and sawn posts and rails. It is also possible to connect our wood to wire netting and electric fencing when you want to minimise the risk of tangling and injury while being able to keep the cattle on their pasture. 

For which types of livestock DURA²® can be used?

Our wood can be used to create fencing for sheep, heritage breeds, rare breeds, rabbits, pigs, dogs and deer. With the main push on planting trees nowadays, a lot of tree plantations require fencing against deer. Next to all of these, our wood can also be used for horse fencing. We tell you all about it here.

Why should I choose DURA²®?

When you choose DURA²® for your agricultural fencing needs, you’re not only choosing a reliable and durable product but also a responsible and sustainable one. Our DURA²® wood is an excellent alternative to creosoted wood without its unpleasant odour and risks of burns, making it a safe and environmentally friendly choice for your farm or livestock operations. In 2019, France suddenly banned the use of creosote for fence posts. There was no time to waste and after research and testing, DURA²® was born. DURA²®, a high-quality timber fencing alternative for the European market, has been quickly adopted for fencing. Also, thanks to our DURA²® wood, we contribute to more sustainable forest management and reduced CO2 emissions. Finally, the storage of DURA²® treated timber is without any environmental risk.

Trust DURA²® for all your farm fencing needs and feel good about making a positive impact on the environment.

Our product ensures that your fence has a much longer lifespan (guaranteed up to 20 years!). You therefore need to repair or replace it less often, which naturally lowers the cost in the long run. If only a few posts need to be replaced and not the whole fence immediately, they can easily be replaced with DURA²® posts. 

DURA²® offers you the possibility of creating a durable and attractive environment thanks to his beautiful chestnut brown colour. Even more, for fences with creosote in need of repair, DURA²® is ideal because the colour is identical and the repairs are therefore not visible.

Where can I buy DURA²®?

We have partnered with FRS Fencing as the exclusive distributor of DURA²® fencing products in Ireland. As a leading contract and DIY fencing supplier, FRS is available to provide free advice and quotes on DURA²®. Contact FRS Fencing through their network of stores and offices here: