The story of DURA2®

DURA2 stands for ‘Quality, More Than Quality’

CIBB, producer of DURA²®

René Lenaers

Over three generations, our company has grown from a small one-man business into the company it is today.

Grandfather René started forestry operations in the 1950s, supplying wood to the mining industry. After some time, he decided to treat wood tops. René started immersing poles in a primitive way, first by peeling them by hand (Georges peeled 15 pieces an hour from his kitchen chair). In 1967, he moved to Vliermaalroot, where his son Luc often lent a hand, while mastering the impregnation process. In 1976, Luc bought his first high-pressure treatment tank, and after taking over and expanding the business, he moved to Vielsalm in 1991, to the industrial zone where the company could quietly continue to grow. 

After ten years, sons Corneel and Jona joined the team and took over the torch at CIBB/Palenbedrijf Lenaers. Of course, Corneel and Jona can still rely on father Luc’s advice and his many years of experience. Grandpa’s original immersion tank has since been replaced by 11 high-pressure tanks that are constantly in the process of impregnating the timber. Besides quality, we offer an unprecedented diverse range in this market: we impregnate with 7 different products and keep a large stock. Impregnating with creosote and traditional salts – green, light-brown, dark-brown, red, grey and, since 2019, also our flagship product DURA², Jona and his team go the extra mile to get all timber treated and loaded on time, and take care of unloading and quality control. 

Jona, Luc, Corneel Lenaers

Besides our flagship product DURA², we offer impregnated timber with creosote and traditional salts in green, light-brown, dark-brown, red and grey colorways.

Although we work with chemical products, and even though we have a huge site on which our tanks and stock are located, the environment has always been a priority.

For example, freshly impregnated wood is stored under covers and the product that leaches out of it is collected in underground storage tanks. All these liquids are recuperated and reintroduced into the system to create a closed circuit. That’s how we ensure the agents used in the process don’t end up in the natural environment.

We have also been pioneers in replacing creosote with DURA². Until the ban on creosote at the end of April 2023, we kept treating with creosote at the request of clients, but we are immensely proud that so many customers have spontaneously adopted the more ecological DURA². 

With his team in the office, Corneel manages the purchase, supply and sale of timber, and they arrange the practical organization to get all orders processed and transported on time.

Although our company has grown exponentially, we remain SME-oriented, so the customer always has a personal point of contact. At CIBB, there is no hierarchy and we do not have different departments. With our small team, we all work together with one objective in mind: excellent quality and service for customer satisfaction.