The banning of creosoted timber for agricultural and equestrian use came into effect in Ireland on 30/04/2023

Fortunately, we have THE alternative for Creosote: DURA²

Since the ban on creosote-treated posts in France in 2019, a large proportion of fencing contractors have switched to DURA². Through this adoption in France, the word has spread that there is an alternative that matches the look and performance of creosote treated posts but has an enhanced environmental profile. As well as France, DURA² posts are widely used in the Netherlands and Belgium too.

After all, DURA² offers you all the advantages of creosote treatment but without the disadvantages: a beautiful, durable and dependable solution for all your applications for which long life durability is desired.

In a beautiful dark brown colour that matches the colour of Creosote DURA² posts and fences can be effortlessly placed alongside older creosoted posts. DURA² will also age naturally.

No odour like Creosote, and uses Tanalith® E wood preservative that has BPR authorization, meaning that it has passed all relevant environmental, human health and animal health risk assessments.

Moreover, DURA² has an elegant appearance thanks to the quality label adorning your posts and boards.

DURA², an excellent alternative to creosoted posts and also to concrete particularly when extreme weather conditions play an increasing role. Thanks to the elasticity in our wooden posts, they are less likely to break than concrete in heavy storms.

In addition, DURA² also does its bit for the environment: thanks to its longer lifespan, it needs to be renewed less often and locks up CO2 for longer. This too gives DURA² an advantage over concrete that has a high carbon footprint.

Finally, the registered DURA² brand also offers a guarantee of 20 years!*

More info about DURA²

* The full version of guarantee conditions is available on request or in case of any concerns regarding this guarantee, please contact your distributor

20 years
Article / 18 NOV 2022

Ban on creosote use in agriculture to come next year

From April 30 next year, the marketing and selling of agricultural/equine fencing that has been treated with the preservative creosote will be banned.  FRI, 18 NOV, 2022

February 28 is the final date for professional users to use these products for treatment of fencing.

The marketing and selling of agricultural/equine fencing that has been treated with the preservative creosote will be banned from next April.

Meanwhile, by December 31 this year, stores, merchants, and importers must ensure that all stocks of creosote products are sold to professional end-users or else returned to their supplier.

February 28 is the final date for professional users to use these products for treatment of fencing.

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has noted that a regulation renewing the approval for the biocide creosote for vacuum pressure impregnation of wood used for railway sleepers and telecommunication poles only has been agreed at EU level.

This means that April 30 is the final date for selling timber treated with creosote except for railway sleepers and telecommunication poles.


“After years of putting up creosoted fences, we switched to DURA2. A perfect alternative with only advantages:
  • Fitters are very happy with it
  • Material does not stain or burn
  • The DURA2 fence is safe for humans and animals.
  • DURA2 meets all our quality requirements
  • The dark brown colour of the fence creates a calm image in the landscape.
For us, DURA2 is the sustainability process for the future!”
BMX Horse Products, Ederveen, Nederland
“Following the ban on creosote, we marketed this premium product to our key customers in Normandy in 2019. Several points immediately appealed to us:
  • The product is beautiful, it is not dangerous, no burning of the skin and eyes.
  • The installation itself, even in the heat, is without risk for the installers
  • For customers with fences with creosote in need of repair, DURA2® is ideal because the colour is identical and the repairs are therefore not visible.
  • Storage of creosote posed problems and care had to be taken not to contaminate the soil in the storage areas
  • In the four years that our customers have installed DURA2, we have received very good feedback about the ageing process and the colour remaining good over time.
For all these reasons, we are satisfied that we no longer use creosote, DURA2® as an alternative is ideal.”
Quality Bois, Tiberville, France